By Tammy B. on February 06, 2018
Bowie, MD

I very pleased with this moving service. They showed up on time and immediately went to work. Efficient load and unload process to the location. Thanks for an awesome move!

By Charles E. on December 30, 2017
Lake Worth, FL

They arrived 15 minutes early and finished before expected. They were careful and efficient. No minimum hours either. I would highly suggest using them for small local moves.

By E P. on November 22, 2017
Chicago, IL

I've hired Alex and Alex three times now for small (studio apt) moves and will do so again in the future. They are super efficient and the price is just right.

By MC on November 04, 2017
Bethesda, MD

Called Alex and Alex last minute after another guy didn't show up. Small job but needed help moving an extremely heavy elliptical. they came an hour later and skillfully moved it out of a basement thru a tight door and transported to my house and moved in without any issues. Prompt and professional and reasonable rate.

By Yong X. on October 29, 2017
Little Rock, AR

Good mover. Highly recommended. There is no extra fee. They only charge by time. They gave me weekend discount and second time moving discount.

By Deb G. on September 27, 2017
Capitol Heights, MD

These guys were GREAT, PROFESSIONAL, HONEST, CAREFUL with my belongs wrap them and treated them like there own also FRIENDLY Mr. Alex emailed the day before to confirm my appointment. It was at 8:00 AM they arrived at 7:48 AM and got right to work no messing round continually work and we were completed moving by 10:45 AM they took all my anxiety and stress away that I had about moving and I would definitely refer them to friends and family as well as use them for my future moving company. Thanks again

By Diudiu Y. on September 25, 2017
Bethesda, MD

Used their service three times in the past two years. Always very dependable. They know how to handle some of very heavy furniture with care. Very nice ppl.

By Anna B. on September 21, 2017
Bethesda, MD

I used Alexandr to move from a storage unit and a house to an apartment. They were 15 minutes late but only charged for the actual time so I was fine with that. They were so efficient and fast. I did nothing but watch-they did all the work. I looked at multiple moving companies and hey were between half and a third of other quotes. So much of what I had was breakable and not a scratch on anything. Nothing broke. Not only would I recommend them but I am using them again myself for a smaller move. I suggest texting or emailing the details to make sure no information gets lost. I highly encourage anyone needing a mover to consider using Alex's company.

By Tianchen Q. on July 26, 2017
Weston, MA

These guys did a good job in moving my stuff from my home on 3rd floor to my uhaul. They are efficient and organized the uhaul pretty well so that boxes won't fall. They even gave us one of their straps to secure the boxes in the uhaul. The price is reasonable. I would recommend them to my friends.

By Danielle on July 13, 2017
Washington, DC

Need HELP moving? These guys are the best. Please consider hiring them. A few years ago I offered them $50 to pick up a bed in Rockville and deliver it to College Park. When it wound up taking longer and being more complicated than thought, I offered them more; they refused to take it. They were super careful with everything and would rather move things like a washer instead of possibly scratching anything. They even fixed a drawer that got stuck when re-assembling. A couple hours after leaving their house, they left mine, with only $50 and a couple bottles of water. Please consider hiring them and tell them I referred you. I don't get anything from it, but want them to know their superb customer service makes all the difference. I'm moving again next weekend within DC and only want them to move me!

By Star T. on June 21, 2017
Washington, DC

These guys are SUPER FANTASTIC! On time, right to the business, they moved us effortlessly from a 1 bedroom appt to a 4 bedroom home in less than 3 hours. I picked them based on their ratings and, true to their previous reviews, they are gems. We are thinking about using them again soon for small jobs like pickup/dropoff of furniture, etc.

Thanks Alex and Alex LLC - you guys ROCKED!

By April L. on June 07, 2017
Hermosa Beach, CA

Excellent movers! The guys were efficient and took care moving my belongings. When they moved my stuff in, they even helped me decide where to place my furniture! Highly recommend and would definitely use again.

By Amy F. on June 02, 2017
Washington, DC

I contacted Alex and Alex a month after seeing all the wonderful reviews,and they replied immediately with a yes! The day before the move, they contacted me to confirm the move date and time to make sure we were still on. They arrived on time and started wrapping up all our furniture to make sure it was all secure and free of any scratches. They also helped take apart our furniture to make it fit in the truck. Once they arrived at our new place, they were so quick and efficient and so very careful with everything. They made sure to cover our hardwood floors with their own materials to protect them. They never scratched a single thing and they helped put the furniture back together and re-arrange a few things after. Alex and Alex were so nice and honest and the best decision we made. Don't think twice, call and hire Alex and Alex on your next move. No hidden fees, no mileage fees, just the hourly rate. You would think they weren't being paid by the hour only because of how quick they were. Do yourself a favor, hire them!

By Meredith H. on May 28, 2017
Bethesda, MD

These are the best movers you will ever use. They are not only punctual but actually come early. They take great care in protecting your furniture by wrapping everything up and so careful about not tracking mud into the house; they are very professional. I can't say enough good things about them.

By Valerie A. on April 17, 2017
Greenbelt, MD

Phenomenal service!!! Who knew that moving could be a pleasant experience! Would put 10 stars if I could. As someone who moved many many times (between cities, states, continents), this was BY FAR THE BEST moving experience! Alex and his crew do the most thorough job, the care they showed was as it they were moving their own furniture and belongings. I had a very large move from a high-rise to a single family house - the move took literally all day, and I am amazed at how they were holding up physically! They wrapped every single piece of furniture very throughly, took care of my many many boxes (including some very heavy books), and placed everything perfectly in the new place. There wasn't a single scratch on either furniture or the walls! These guys are the real deal - fantastic service and very reasonably priced. I will be recommending them to all my friends and colleagues. Hire them and you won't regret! Thanks again to Alex and Alex for such a great job!

By Lynn P. on April 02, 2017
Silver Spring, MD

BEST MOVING SERVICE EVER! Worth every penny!!! We called the day before to inquire if there was availability and received a quick response after putting in the request on their website. Alex and 2 other gentlemen came the next day and helped us move our things. They were on time and extremely efficient! Would highly recommend them for your next move!

By Adri S. on January 27, 2017
Washington, DC

FIVE STARS!! The best moving service we've had! We had to move everything out of our apartment (after ten years in the city) and move it to pods to be taken cross-country! Alex and Alex gave us a great and very competitive estimate. No hidden fees! After requesting so many quotes (with other movers charging extra for the seven steps outside the main door, plus mileage, plus supplies, etc. ) I was so glad to find Alex and Alex. We were a bit hesitant because there were not too many reviews but since they had phenomenal ratings we decided to reach out to them. And we are so glad we did! They came in on time, started working right away, made sure everything was wrapped and they did such a good job arranging the furniture and boxes! They were both true professionals and very kind. We definitely recommend them, thanks again guys!

By Irina B. on October 07, 2016
Kensington, MD

A week ago we were given the opportunity to take advantage of the company Alex and Alex LLC. Excellent service, very nice workers. It was done professionally quickly and efficiently. They did fantastic job. Thank you very much.

By David on August 28, 2016
Washington, DC

Alex and Alex are definitely to recommend. Will use again the next time I move. My roommate and I used them to move in early August, and then our third roommate used them the following weekend. They didn't waste time, never complained despite heat, length of time, or walking/carrying distance. Polite and didn't rush as if had to get to another appointment. Everything included in their price - wrapped larger furniture with blankets or plastic wrap.

By Mynae K. on August 10, 2016
Bethesda, MD

I am so glad I trusted the yelp reviewers and went with this small business. They were FANTASTIC! They arrived 20 minutes EARLY to begin the job and approached it with such speed and efficiency, one would think they weren't being paid by the hour. Their rates were very competitive with the market, not to mention, they don't have many of the travel fees many of the other local companies have. They were the definition of courteous and professional while still being fast yet careful with my items. I kept their number and will absolutely be reaching out and recommending them in the future.

By Dave B. on August 05, 2016
Washington, DC

So far I have used AlexnAlex three times and not a single time we had any bad experience with them.We love how they showed up on time and got straight to work. They are super friendly, courteous, quick, careful in moving household. Highly recommend these guys. Recently we were not able to use them due to size of the truck issue but we plan to stick to them for our moving needs.

By Jay K. on June 02, 2016
North Brunswick Township, NJ

These movers did a great job! I was a bit hesitant at first, given that they did not have as many reviews as other movers, but after doing some price shopping, their price was the best for the area.

I originally scheduled them to just move 3 major pieces of furniture, but then realized, I wanted them to move the rest of my furniture. I definitely underestimated how much stuff I had and how much time it would take, so I would highly recommend having them come beforehand to give you an onsite estimate. However, Alek did this for me after initially looking at my apartment and was very honest with his time estimate and what would take the longest (the wrapping up of furniture). He offered me a few options (not wrapping, but risking damage to items, and saving time or wrapping to ensure every piece was undamaged). Another reason I would recommend the onsite estimate prior to your move, it will ensure they send enough people to efficiently get the job done.

The move went smoothly and they helped arrange my furniture exactly as I wanted and even helped rearrange stuff that I didn't like in the original location. For their price, they do a great job. There are NO hidden fees and they charge you exactly what they communicate. They do not charge for their packing materials which was great, and something I found others do charge for. Although the move took longer than I expected, you can avoid being surprised by having them look at your apartment first (which I probably should have done, but wasn't aware of this option when I scheduled). I would say that was the only negative - the time it took for the move it self, but having nothing to compare to I am not sure what the "normal" time would be.

With that being said, they packed everything very well, and kept everything in its original condition.

They only accept cash or personal check so plan ahead!!

By T B. on May 29, 2016
Bethesda, MD

My experience with Alex and Alex was a GREAT one! I am extremely selective when it comes to moving companies. The reason is that I had a prior bad experience with a company (NOT Alex and Alex) about four years ago - to the point where I was contacting my attorney. After catching the company in several lies (with footage from surveillance cameras to prove it), they ended up refunding me my money. Although everything was resolved, this was an experience I never wanted to relive.

I learned of this company through a friend, and I saw their reviews on Yelp. So I felt really good about hiring them to assist me with my move, and they did not disappoint. They contacted me within an hour of my initial call to them, and I was able to set up a date and time for the job. They also scheduled an onsite estimate prior to my move date.

My move was generally a simple one. I was switching units within my building. However, I had many nice, but old furniture pieces that I wanted to dispose of, while retaining my newer furniture items. I was extremely happy to discover that not only will they move you, but they will also take care of those items you no longer wish to have. This was a huge stress reducer for me, and we all know moving can be stressful, even if it is within the same building.

Tardiness is a huge pet peeve of mine, but I did not have to worry about that with these guys. They were scheduled to come at 8:00 am, and they knocked on my door at 7:55 am. Good job!

They work swiftly! It seems as though just as soon as I blinked my eyes, they were done!

The movers' attitudes were great! They were very polite/friendly and very professional.

They are professional, swift, efficient, courteous, punctual, and cautious with your items. I don't plan on moving again for years to come. However, when I do, I will hire these guys again. I highly recommend them...highly.

By Michael D. on November 10, 2015
Rockville, MD

They moved me again two weeks ago. No scratches on my furniture as it was all meticulously disassembled and packed. They were very punctual, quick and efficient plus they have a very good rate. No hidden fees, packing materials, loading and unloading are all included. I would undoubtedly recommend this company to anyone who is planning to move.

By Alyson S. on November 04, 2015
Washington, DC

These guys were great. They were very efficient, communicative and friendly and cared about your stuff and getting it from A to B in one piece.

By Yuhan L. on September 11, 2015
Washington, DC

I actually sign up my yelp account just to leave a review for Alex and Alex.

They're simply amazing! I would recommend them to anyone who wants to make moving easy but also within a budget.

I moved twice this summer. I know.. ridiculous. I asked Alex and Alex to help me move both times. They're both so reliable, responsive and kind. They move ridiculously fast and efficient while taking great care of your stuff.

Their price, according to my research is the cheapest compared to other bigger moving companies. Worth every buck I spent.

I hope I don't need to move again any time soon. But if I do, they're my go-to moving company without any second thoughts.

By Ji Young C. on August 17, 2015
College Park, MD

Alex and Alex made my moving experience very easy. Since I'm a student, I didn't have many huge furnitures, so I requested a small moving service for 3miles distance. They responded to my email quickly and worked efficiently. It seemed like it's relatively a small moving company, but they were very professional and their service was excellent!

By Neisha J. on June 05, 2015
Washington, DC

Alex and Alex were fantastic! I was kind of apprehensive about moving because the last time I moved, the movers were late and scuffed some of the funiture/walls in our rental. However, my boyfriend arranged those movers so I decided to try my hand this time around.

I saw their ad on CL about flat movers and reached out via text about 2 weeks before my move. I knew they were good when the Wednesday before (moved on Saturday) THEY reached out to ME just to confirm that my plans hadn't changed. My fellow CL users know that people can be flaky, so this was refreshing.

The day of the move went smoothly and they were so accomodating to my unique situation. I purchased a couch set from someone in DC so they met me at her home. They then delivered the couches to my new home. THEN, we went back to my rental home (a few blocks away) to pick up my other items. No extra fees, no hidden charges even given the multiple stops they had to make. They were so careful to protect the furniture (see pic) which I appreciated given the light color of the couches especially.

Prompt, courteous service at a great price. Can't beat that! I'll be sourcing other furniture items from CL and will definitely give them a call. Highly recommend!

By Yuliya G. on April 03, 2015
Rockville, MD

We just moved and I'm so glad I chose this company! It was the easiest, most pleasant move I've ever experienced!

I contacted them by email and got a quote quickly. Their price was very reasonable. I was worried about all sorts of hidden fees as it happens with movers, but was assured there were none (and there weren't!)

Alex and Alex were exactly on time, lightning fast, courteous and very accommodating. They wrapped my stuff and packed the truck professionally and neatly, no damage to my breakables, no scratches on the furniture. The move was over in 2 hrs. There were no extra fees, hidden charges etc. Fantastic! I've never felt so relaxed during a move. Needless to say, the guys got good tips.

If we have to move again Alex and Alex will be the first I will call. I highly recommend these guys.